Scarf Joint | 2018 | mdf, steel, plastic | 76 x 51 x 13 cm | SOLD

"Scarf Joint"

Two boards are glued together along a scarf joint as shown in the figure. The angle between the plane of the joint and the faces of the board is α. Under tensile axial load, it is found that the average normal stress in the boards is σ1 = 18 MPa. (a) What are the normal and shear stresses acting on the glued joint if α = 25°? (b) If it is desired that the normal and shear stresses acting on the joint be in the ratio 6:5, what would be the angle α?

* Gere, J.M. en Timoshenko, S. P. (1991) Mechanics of materials (3e SI ed.)

1. A point is that which has no part.
2. A line is breadthless length.
3. The ends of a line are points.
4. A straight line is a line which lies evenly with the points on itself.
5. A surface is that which has length and breadth only.
6. The edges of a surface are lines.
7. A plane surface is a surface which lies evenly with the straight lines on itself.
8. A plane angle is the inclination to one another of two lines in a plane which meet one another and do not lie in a straight line.
9. And when the lines containing the angle are straight, the angle is called rectilinear.
10. When a straight line standing on a straight line makes the adjacent angles equal to one another, each of the equal angles is right, and the straight line standing on the other is called a perpendicular to that on which it stands.
11. An obtuse angle is an angle greater than a right angle.
12. An acute angle is an angle less than a right angle.
13. A boundary is that which is an extremity of anything.
14. A figure is that which is contained by any boundary or boundaries.
Et cetera.

* Byrne, O. (2013) The Elements of Euclid (1e ed.)