Rick van Meel (1985)
Breda, the Netherlands

I feel we are living in a post truth world more and more, as a globalised society we no longer (if ever) share an idea of what is factual and what is knowledge. This development for me causes anxiety and unease about the future because it divides us. In my work I try to counter this feeling by studying the fundamental laws of nature, for how they are discovered, described, understood and applied. The study of physics and mathematics is universal knowledge, gained through the scientific method. Rather than create purely subjective images I like to work with these fundamental truths of reality, for these possess beauty and value of themselves which I try to experience and convey through my work.

Patty Morgan

2013-2017     Fine Arts, AKV|St.Joost, Breda
2002-2006     Multimedia Design, Zoomvliet, Roosendaal